32 seniors earn Workforce Readiness Credential

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Tolles Career & Technical Center awarded 32 seniors with the Madison County Workforce Readiness Credential, a first-of-its-kind industry-recognized credential that showcases a student’s employability.

The Madison County Workforce Readiness Credential was introduced to all high school seniors in the Madison County school districts during the 2014-2015 school year by Madison County Future, Inc. and David Kell, executive director of the organization. Tolles was the first district to pilot the credential with four students earning it in 2015.

“These students can now have access to a number of high profile employers in Madison County, but more importantly, they can showcase to any employers that they are workforce ready with the essential ‘soft skills’ so many hiring managers are telling all schools they need,” said Tolles Superintendent Kim Wilson.

These ‘soft skills’ include strong commitment to attendance, a commitment to service, communication and writing skills, etiquette, time management, teamwork and attitude, to name a few. The credential also recognizes a student’s work experience in high school and eventually the attainment of a high school diploma or GED.

“We are very encouraged to see these students earn the credential, and their achievement helps the program grow and become even stronger” offered Madison County Chamber and Madison County Future Inc. Executive Director David Kell. “By earning this certificate, these 32 Tolles graduates will enter life after high school with confidence knowing they have the developed soft skills employers are looking for. Moreover, they know they now have an opportunity for a guaranteed interview with 15 employers in Madison County.”

Tolles students who earned the credential included:

  • Brandon Adair (Criminal Justice, Hilliard Bradley)

  • Melany Ayala (Marketing & Logistics, Dublin Scioto)

  • Malachi Caldwell (Automotive Technologies, Hilliard Darby)

  • Callie Caoua (Pre-Vet, Hilliard Davidson)

  • Camille Charlton (Animal Management & Services, Hilliard Bradley)

  • Erin Davis (Pharmacy, West Jefferson)

  • Cheyanne English (Pharmacy, Hilliard Davidson)

  • Kaitlyn Ferguson (Digital Media Production, Hilliard Darby)

  • Haley Green (Pharmacy, West Jefferson)

  • Robert Gross (Pre-Vet, Fairbanks)

  • Joseph Hall (Construction Technologies, West Jefferson)

  • Hunter Hurst (Engineering & Manufacturing, Hilliard Davidson)

  • Aaron Jackson (Engineering & Manufacturing, Fairbanks)

  • Mikayla Jameson (Pre-Vet, London)

  • Kacie Karner (Engineering & Manufacturing, Madison-Plains)

  • Myiah Kelley (Sports & Fitness, Hilliard Bradley)

  • Maki McCoy (Engineering & Manufacturing, Hilliard Darby)

  • Hannah Maggard (Pre-Vet, West Jefferson)

  • Luke Matheney (Engineering & Manufacturing, Dublin Scioto)

  • Shevy Miller (Pre-Nursing, London)

  • Jacob Moore (Criminal Justice, Hilliard Darby)

  • Karla Orta (Pre-Nursing, Hilliard Darby)

  • Tori Pfaff (Digital Media Production, Hilliard Darby)

  • Breanne Popplewell (Digital Media Production, West Jefferson)

  • Mikayla Rader (Pharmacy, Hilliard Davidson)

  • Anya Shandle (Criminal Justice, Fairbanks)

  • Amber Simone (Construction Technologies, London Academy)

  • Casey Swaggerty (Firefighting & EMS, Madison-Plains)

  • Justin Watts (Digital Media Production, Hilliard Darby)

  • Christopher Webster (Automotive Technologies, Hilliard Bradley)

  • Dillon Whaley (Automotive Technologies, West Jefferson)

  • Emily York (Pre-Vet, Jonathan Alder)