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Yes, Chef

Students studying programs in this area at Tolles spend their time learning skills as they relate to delivering excellent hospitality.

Culinary Arts

  • Prepare for careers in restaurant management, hospitality and tourism services, catering, or as an executive, sous, or pastry chef.
  • Students enrolled in the ProStart Certified Culinary Arts program prepare top-notch experiential learning that leads to careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students can choose paths that can lead to chef training or management.
  • Students have the unique opportunity to learn in a hands-on kitchen that services customers in the Saffron Restaurant on the Tolles campus and also have the opportunity to cater many different events both on-and-off campus.
Program Fuel:
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 14% growth in culinary careers through 2020.
  • Graduates have gone to study at The Culinary Institute of America, Sullivan University, Johnson & Wales, Columbus Culinary Institute, and work for Cameron Mitchell restaurants, Barcelona, and Giant Eagle catering.
Core Courses Quick Facts:
  • Culinary Arts I
  • Culinary Arts II
  • Estimated Supply/Uniform Cost: TBD
  • Storefront: Saffron Restaurant
  • College Credits & Industry Credentials Available
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