Community Opportunities

Want to become involved at Tolles? If you have an area of expertise or represent a local industry we want to hear from you.

Each Career and Technical Program has an advisory committee composed of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

What Does It Do?

The committee provides assistance, advice, and guidance to administrators and instructors to help Tolles’ programs attain identified goals. The recommendations of this group are given strong consideration by the Administration.

Why It’s Needed
  • To provide information which will update, modify, expand and improve the quality of career-technical programs
  • To assist in identifying program needs and determining priorities.
  • To help spread the Tolles message
Number of Meetings

Minimum two meetings per year (many committees will meet on a much more frequent basis).

  • Act as an advisor
  • Cooperate to improve programs
  • Assist in planning curriculum
  • Help evaluate effectiveness

Does this sound like something that interests you? Simple contact the program instructor using our staff directory or contact us using our contact form. We look forward to your participation.

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Industry Partners

Career-Technical education is about combining the best of core academia and real-world, bankable skills. Industry partners offer our students a unique, hands-on experience that lifts them even higher. We are always looking to develop deep partnerships with industry leading voices. Contact us to come aboard.

  • tool
  • cameron
  • chase
  • dublin_methodist
  • honda
  • nationwide_childrens
  • petsmart
  • restoration

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Educational Partners

Education is a game of addition not a zero sum game. We work with some of the best institutions in Ohio to modernize and collaborate on our programs to lift even more students preparing them for what’s next.

  • clark
  • ccad
  • cbus_state
  • owens
  • akron

Ready To Shake On it?

If you have a partnership idea or would like to get involved at the business level or a personal level please contact us. Our arms are outstretched and always ready to shake another hand which lifts another student.

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