Why Lift?

It’s the transfer of a little extra fuel to go even higher. Everyday, we are humbled by the opportunity to prepare students for what’s next. We take this very seriously. A lot has been said about what career tech means or who it would benefit. At Tolles, we focus on the more important task at hand – to lift all students.

At Tolles, our vision is to be the choice of students and families for expert career-technical and academic education.

We offer an education that is true to the core competencies and subjects offered at a traditional high school boosted and enriched with bankable skills that pay dividends to those that attain them. We also offer adult learners a lift out of their current situation with market-driven, practical programs affordable for those looking to retool and refocus.

[highlight type=”standard”]Our job is clear. Our direction is up. And our students, lifted.[/highlight]

Our Logo


Tolles’ logo lettering is the physical expression of our core values. The italic expression gives a sense of forward motion while the lowercase ‘t’ shows humility in our approach and equality of our service. Everyone deserves a lift. When education is brought to such focus and in these inclusive terms, it is a sky’s-the-limit proposition for students. Where others see a backpack, we see a jet pack.

Reinforcing the intent and motion of the lettering, we needed an icon that had direction inherent in its form. A paper airplane is both directional in nature, pointed and sleek, and lofty in symbolism. Given the right education combined with the right set of skills, a piece of paper becomes a boundless object with the ability to fly. Paper to flight is the perfect allusion for career tech education where bankable skills meet core academics to prepare for lift off.

District Goals

Our 2016-2017 district goals are:

Design and pilot the electronic student portfolio with 5 classes, with 90% of student in pilot classes completing portfolios.

Increase composite technical skill attainment (passage rate) to 85% for class of 2017.

Increase composite related positive post-program placement rate to 75% for class of 2016.

Get to Know Tolles

Established in 1974, Tolles is a career and technical school providing a launchpad for both high school students and adult learners.

Located south of Plain City, Ohio, Tolles serves: Dublin, Fairbanks, Jonathan Alder, Hilliard, London, Madison-Plains, and Jefferson Local school districts. By combining bankable skills with rigorous academics Tolles continues to post uplifting results for students and the community as a whole.

In 1971, Harry E. Tolles was hired as the first superintendent of the Central Ohio Joint Vocational School District. Tolles led the efforts to get voter approval for building the school, staffing the school, and enrolling students for a 1974 opening. Tolles remained with the district until his retirement in 1984, the year the district was named for him.



Tolles’ 223,000 square-foot facility boasts instructional and functional labs, academic classrooms, auditoriums, a fully operational restaurant, hair and nail spa, small animal care facility, automotive repair and maintenance center, digital media lab, community preschool, medical and fire labs and many other career spaces.

Facts About Tolles

Tolles serves an average of 650 high school students on its Plain City campus.

Tolles serves an average of 850 middle school and high school students in satellite career-technical programs located in our associate schools and at Dublin Methodist Hospital.

Tolles operates on the same levy that was passed in 1972, only its millage has been reduced three times. Tolles receives 0% state funding.

Tolles has only had four superintendents leading the district in its 41 year history.

Tolles students operate businesses that help them develop bankable skills as part of their training. Our programs currently support a licensed preschool, salon, restaurant, pet grooming center, automotive services centers, construction services, graphic design services, a school store, and computer/technical support.

Tolles was originally named The Central Ohio Joint Vocational School District, re-named The Central Ohio Technical Center in 1983, re-named Harry E. Tolles Technical Center in 1984, and later re-named Tolles Technical Center and its current name Tolles Career & Technical Center.

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