Tolles equips all students on campus with an iPad to provide students with technology needed to thrive in a global economy. Digital tools have revolutionized the world and broadened the horizons of individualized education lifting all students. The iPad will personalize learning, allow students to create content and share with a global audience, and further advance their preparation for college and career.

All students receive an iPad device, charger and cord, protective case. All items are distributed on the first days of school (if students have paid for insurance) and  are expected to be returned during the collection process, which occurs during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May.

PLEASE NOTE: All half-day and full-day Hilliard students attending Tolles will receive their iPad device from Tolles, not Hilliard. This is an agreement between Tolles and Hilliard City Schools.

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iPad 1-to-1 Guidelines

Download 17-18 Guidelines

Creating Your Apple ID

How To Create Your Apple ID

Earning Your iPad For Free

Workforce Readiness Credential

iPad 1-to-1 FAQs

Launch Lab

The Launch Lab is part classroom, part learning lounge, part incubator.  Think Facebook campus or Google Headquarters. Unlike lecture-based education, we have the latitude to experiment, shaking up traditional education in favor of individualized approaches that lift all students. The Launch Lab has given rise to a “movement” at Tolles, where technology integrates with traditional and experimental teaching to give students a robust educational experience.

Follow along in the Launch Lab on their Tumblr.

Google School

In an effort to streamline communication, enhance our networks and deliver the best possible education environment to lift our students to success, we are in the process of revolutionizing the schools infrastructure with the implementation of Google as our standard. Google documents. Google drive. Google messaging. And Google Mail.

Our students will not only have the most bankable skills when exiting our four walls but real-world technology skills that matter in today’s globally competitive job market.

Read more about Google Schools HERE