Tolles Certification Requirements

Certificates of Completion and Career Passports are issued by Tolles to student’s whose attendance equals or exceeds 164 days each year or 82 days each semester. This means a student cannot miss more than 16 days per year and still be eligible for a certificate without an official appeal.  Students must pass lab and related of the career technical program, for each year enrolled, in order to qualify for a certificate.  Since the certificate is the evidence an employer needs to verify completion of an approved career and technical program, students are encouraged to make obtaining this certificate, along with high ratings, a top priority.

Students who meet the following criteria are awarded a Certification of Distinction:

  1. No more than 12 absences over a two year program involvement (excused and unexcused count toward the total).
  2. Student has passed all career-technical AND academic classes with a “C” or better.

Included in the PASSPORT are all documents pertinent to the student's training: Certificate of Completion, resume, employment record, extracurricular activities, reference letters and certificates of honor. Students who elect not to participate in the Certification Ceremony at the conclusion of their senior year will not receive a Career and Technical Passport. They will, however, receive their Certificate of Completion.