Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in Tolles Career & Technical Center.  We are pleased to offer a wide-range of programs that can provide you with a variety of college and career opportunities.

If you are interested in applying for enrollment at Tolles, simply download the application and:

  • Meet with your home school counselor to discuss the options and ensure you meet the admission criteria.
  • Work with your home school counselor to complete the application and ensure that all forms are submitted to Tolles.  The three forms needed for application are the application, your transcript, and the counselor form given to the counselors by Tolles.
  • Send you application and all forms to Tolles Career & Technical Center.
  • You will be notified of your contingent acceptance if you apply before the end of your sophomore year.
  • You will be notified of your final acceptance after review of your complete sophomore transcript.

We hope to see you on the Tolles campus soon!