PM Cook| The Ville Grille| Marysville, Ohio

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Job title: PM Cook
Location: Marysville
Description: Maintain a gracious, pleasant and friendly attitude, while contributing to a teamwork-based work environment. – Take pride in his/her appearance while adhering to the The Ville Grille Dress & Appearance Policy. – Follow all safety and sanitation guidelines at all times. – Ensure the highest quality preparation and presentation of food items. – Serve hot food hot and cold food cold every time. – Grill, deep fry, bake, broil, steam and microwave raw and prepared food. – Measure and assemble ingredients and cooked items according to The Ville Grille recipes and menu specifications. – Portion food into individual and bulk packages. – Wash and clean fruit and vegetables for peeling, dicing, shredding, or slicing using kitchen hand-utensils and electric equipment. – Prepare any re-cooks or special order requests. – Utilize the Kitchen Display System (KDS) effectively in order to maintain the flow of service, control cost/waste, and build sales. – Complete specific cleaning responsibilities and station maintenance including, but not limited to, the walk-in refrigeration, prep, and dry storage areas. – Prepare food in a way to avoid waste and spoilage, ensure high quality, and to maintain food safety standards; daily/weekly food inventories correspond with food sales. – Set up, maintains, and breaks down the kitchen. – Stock/restock items on the line according to specifications. – Responsible for the set-up, cleanliness, and organization of the work area before, during, and after every shift.
Deadline/Expiration: 2018-02-14