PreFlight is our new Associate School Recruiting & Career Connections program designed to serve students better and provide them (and their parents) with ample opportunities to explore careers from elementary through high school. The program will also provide our associate schools with professional development, resources, and other assistance with the many changes related to career exploration and education in the state of Ohio.

Elementary Opportunities

Planning for a successful career starts with the building of imagination and the wonderment that inspires. View our K through 5 opportunities.

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Middle School Opportunities

Honing the interests, abilities and unique assets of children using experiences and testing bring into focus career pathways for middle schoolers.

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High School Opportunities

It’s decision time. Not only are students offered the chance to try a career at Tolles, we also offer tools to help all students lift into the positions they desire.

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Success Stories

The path to and through a career is paved with a great foundation at Tolles. Read about some of our successful students and their uplifting results.


Tolles unique combination of rigorous academics and bankable skills expertly prepares students to lift off. Explore all pathways.






Career Resources

Giving that extra lift to reach the successful career students want is our promise. At every level we offer services and resources to meet that goal.

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