Career Connections is an important service provided at Tolles that brings the link between what is being learned with future work.

The goal is to foster connections between what is learned in the classroom and critical workplace expectations like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, innovation, and creativity. Tolles is a leader in Career Connections as it brings to life career pathways for students as young as middle school and continues to showcase connections through high school.

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Tolles Pathways Camp

An Exclusive Summer Camp for Dublin 6th Graders Entering 7th Grade in 2016-17

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Apr. 13 & 14: London, West Jefferson 7th Grade Tours

May 4: Jonathan Alder 7th Grade Tours

June 13-17:  SOLD OUT! Pathways Camp (Exclusively for Dublin 6th graders entering 7th grade in 2016-17)


Career Advising Policy

Now more than ever, students need to see a connection between what they are learning and their future careers. Ohio law now requires all school districts to adopt a local policy on career advising.

Mrs. Beth Fogelsong, Coordinator

Beth Fogelsong

614-873-4666, ext. 4269 |

Student Success Plans

A Student Success Plan assists students, families, and teachers in tracking a student’s activities from sixth grade through senior year to showcase how they explored careers. From learning styles and work values to postsecondary education and training programs, every student should be focused on the relevancy of careers as they develop throughout school.

OhioMeansJobs K-12

The State of Ohio has developed a robust online website to assist students in assessing careers they might enjoy and learning more about employability, potential jobs, labor statistics, and more.

Visit OhioMeansJobs 

Career Connections Services

Career Advising

Tolles’ Career Connections Coordinator works directly with all of our associate schools to develop plans to explore careers for students and to set-up career “backpacks” using OhioMeansJobs.

Freshman Year

Tolles invites freshmen to consider career-technical education further by visiting during Open House night and at various college and career readiness events.


College & Career Resources


Middle School Experiences

Tolles hosts 7th graders for a tour of our building and invites 8th graders and their parents to explore more in-depth at various college and career readiness events.

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