Article: COVID19 Family Update July 15, 2020

COVID19 Family Update July 15, 2020

Tolles Lift All Students

July 15, 2020

Good afternoon Tolles Families:

I hope that some part of this summer has brought you joy in the sunshine and some wonderful family experiences.  I know that the last several months have been very challenging to say the least.  At Tolles, we have been working diligently to ensure that we can provide a learning environment that is as safe as possible for the coming school year.  In this video, you will hear me discuss the layers of information and requirements we are working through to create our plan for reopening, and even as we plan, I acknowledge that there are still several weeks until school will reopen and change is inevitable.

Family Update Video 7-15-2020

In the meantime, I am able to make you aware of the protective measure that will be in place for all staff and students.  

Protective factors that will be in place during the next school year include:
In order to return to on-site instruction (whether the instruction is face-to-face or a blended model), the following general expectations and guidelines will be in place for all staff and students when they are in the building. Detailed directives for staff and students will be shared prior to the start of the year and will be reinforced consistently.
  • All students and staff members must conduct a daily wellness check on themselves prior to reporting to Tolles.  Tolles staff will observe students for COVID symptoms during their time at school.
  • All Tolles' students and staff members are required to wear a face-covering. Individuals who cannot wear a face-covering because of a medically documented breathing issue will be expected to wear a clear face shield. This exception will only be made when an order from a physician is submitted to the administration.  A facial Covering Information and Acknowledgement Form must be submitted by all staff members.
  • Tolles Career & Technical Center will provide one cloth facial covering for all staff and students.  If staff or students forget to wear it to school, disposable face masks will be available for student and staff use, if available.
    Students and staff will follow all physical distancing protocols established by Madison County Public Health.  3-6 feet of social distancing is required with 6 feet being optimal.
  • When navigating the building, both staff and students will follow all directional and social distancing signage to help mitigate exposure.
  • Hallways will be one-directional as much as possible.
  • When not possible, individuals will walk single file and right-of-center.
  • Classrooms and lab settings (as much as possible) will be organized for social distancing prior to staff arrival.  Desks will all face one direction and seats will be marked for social distancing.  CT teachers will be asked for input on the lab/classroom set-up given the variety of activities.
  • Frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer is required. Sanitation stations will be strategically placed in common areas throughout the building.
  • All staff members will be given sanitation supplies and will be expected to sanitize workspaces when occupants change.
  • Both staff and students are encouraged to have their own bottles of water. Drinking fountains will not be available on the Career Campus although bottle refilling stations will be available.
  • Restroom traffic will be limited to the number of stalls plus half the number of urinals.
  • Maintenance staff will disinfect high touch surfaces every two (2) hours in common spaces. Moreover, all areas will receive a full sanitization daily.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be Grab-and-Go. Students will eat with their lab group in a designated space, commons - one student per table, small groups in a classroom, or appropriate lab settings. Payment will be processed with minimum contact and all physical distancing protocols will be followed.
  • Staff will eliminate the use of shared classroom materials as much as possible. If this is not possible, the item(s) will be sanitized both before and after each use.
  • Staff and students will work to ensure classrooms and work areas remain decluttered in order to help with sanitization.
  • Staff will help to enforce social-distancing guidelines in common areas and in all classroom/lab settings.
  • Staff and students will demonstrate a positive attitude and outlook.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you have.  You can reach me at ebeeson@tollestech.com or at 614-873-4666 ext. 4411.

Together, we will find new and safe ways to LIFT ALL STUDENTS!


Emmy Beeson

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