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Lift Off

At Tolles, we lift, lift, lift because there is no ceiling to a student’s potential. With expectations high and academic standards rigorous, Tolles will lift generations of students to meet the challenges of what’s next.
Our Mantra:  Lift All Students
Our Vision: As a leader in career-technical education, we launch students into their dreams for their future. 
Our Mission: Our mission is to Lift All Students by delivering a world-class career technical education.

Why Lift?

It’s the transfer of a little extra fuel to go even higher. Everyday, we are humbled by the opportunity to prepare students for what’s next. We take this very seriously. A lot has been said about what career tech means or who it would benefit. At Tolles, we focus on the more important task at hand – to lift all students.

At Tolles, our vision is to be the choice of students and families for expert career-technical and academic education.

We offer an education that is true to the core competencies and subjects offered at a traditional high school boosted and enriched with bankable skills that pay dividends to those that attain them. We also offer adult learners a lift out of their current situation with market-driven, practical programs affordable for those looking to retool and refocus.

Our job is clear. Our direction is up. And our students, lifted.
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