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Associate School Admissions is our outreach designed to serve students better and provide them (and their parents) with ample opportunities to explore careers from middle school through high school.

  • Professional Development Opportunities for Associate Schools
  • Extended Learning & Workshops for Parents & Students
  • Our Admissions Program for our Associate Schools
  • Learning Resources
  • Ohio Means Jobs Resources
  • Career Advising & Student Success Plans

Success Stories

Students find support in nontraditional careers at Tolles

Students at Tolles Career & Technical Center take pride in defining their own career path—especially when that means going into nontraditional careers. More +

From pre-K to high school, Tolles students earn a top education at both ends of the spectrum

When Tonya Jo Gruel-Wright entered the Sports Medicine and Exercise Science program at Tolles Career & Technical Center her junior year, it was something of a homecoming for the Fairbanks High School student. She had already received two years of schooling at Tolles—as a preschooler. More +

Tolles student turns passion into profession through Art Design and Communications program

Academic credits are the currency of graduation for most high school seniors. But Tolles Career & Technical Center student Austin Fraley graduated in May with an exclusive credit that he earned on his own: a publishing credit. More +

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