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Plants, Animals, Agriculture, Science

Students studying programs in this area at Tolles concentrate on plant and animal products, environmental science, agriculture, horticulture, pets, and natural resources.
Programs: Outdoor CareersAnimal Management & Services

Outdoor Careers

Are you bored with the idea of a standard workday behind a desk? Help conserve our planet while getting an education rooted in your love for the great outdoors. At Tolles, you can begin growing a unique career with fresh air and natural scenery. You’ll:

  • Oversee real-life indoor and outdoor projects
  • Develop and maintain recreation environments
  • Get connected to industry leaders to further your education and training
  • Gain practical experience on campus with our 10-acre woods, creek, two-acre pond, large vernal pool, one-hole golf course, and large natural areas
  • Learn how to safely operate industry equipment

What can you do with an Outdoor Career education from Tolles?
With great job placement and continued education opportunities, Tolles gives you the foundation you need for success with year-round careers in urban forestry, habitat and park management, landscape maintenance, conservation, environmental management and more.

Continue your education
Start earning money now
Your education makes you eligible for certification opportunities through the Ohio Department of Agriculture, International Society of Arboriculture, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and more!

You’ll have the opportunity to earn college credits toward continuing your education in environmental sciences.
The hands-on experience you gain at Tolles will help you grow a unique career. Your certification and work experience will
help you land the job you are looking for.

Become an Ohio Certified Nursery Technician, Arborist, Skid Steer Operator and Pesticide Applicator.

Core Courses:
  • Natural Resources
  • Parks and Recreation Management
  • Urban Forestry
  • Environmental Science
360 View of Outdoor Careers

Animal Management & Services

Pet owners are always seeking out the best possible care for their furry, feathered and even scaly friends. At Tolles, you’ll get hands-on, real-world learning experience with a wide variety of animals in our training lab and help operate Tolles’ animal grooming facility that is open to the public. Turn your love for animals into the foundation for your future. You’ll learn a wide array of practical skills and how to:

  • Handle and restrain all sizes of animals
  • Clean and groom animals
  • Assist in the operation of a kennel or animal grooming facility
  • Administering vaccinations
  • Meet the nutritional needs of a variety of animals
  • Maintain sanitary and healthy environments for confined animals
  • Train animals

What can you do with an Animal Management & Services Certificate of Completion from Tolles?
With opportunities to study alongside industry experts and participate in various community and business projects, Tolles gives you the foundation you need for success in the animal care industry. Start a career in animal research, training, breeding, agriculture, grooming, or pet store management.

Continue your education

Start earning money now
Your certification makes you eligible for opportunities to continue your education at some of the top animal management and service schools in the area. Use your foundation from Tolles to continue your education and explore all there is to know about your animal friends.

You can start a career in anything from animal research, to grooming, to animal boarding and more. Graduates from Tolles have started long-lasting, successful careers – many even go on to open their own businesses. Your certification will help you land the job you are looking for.

Core Courses:Quick Facts:
  • Small Animal Science (Year One)
  • Animal Science & Technology (Year One)
  • Zoo & Aquarium Management (Year Two)
  • Business Management for Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Year Two)

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