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Students studying programs in this area at Tolles spend the majority of their time designing, producing, exhibiting, writing and preparing multimedia content in the arts, journalism and entertainment service areas.
Programs: Art Design & Communication, Digital Graphics and Social Media, Digital Media

Art Design & Communication

If being creative isn’t just what you do, but who you are, Tolles has the right program for you. Students entering this program do not need prior design experience – just a passion for visual problem-solving, communication and creativity. At Tolles, you
can take your artistic interest and turn it into a long-term career in design, marketing, advertising or even animation! You’ll learn:

  • Manual drawing techniques, painting, photo editing and graphic design
  • How to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • How to work with various types of media and methodologies
  • How to create and maintain a creative portfolio for scholarships and interviews
  • How to integrate art, technology, design and academics

What can you do with Art Design & Communications education from Tolles?
Tolles graduates often continue their education to master the major of their choice including graphic design, illustration, advertising, fine art, industrial design, character and environmental design, fashion and interior design. Tolles graduates leave this program with technical skills applicable to many different careers and a portfolio of their work that can be used for internships and job interviews. Get a head-start and begin a career that honors your creative spirit!

  • Visual Creation
  • Arts & Communication
  • Digital Print Design
  • Digital Image Editing

Learn more about Art Design & CommunicationsClick and drag the video for a 360 view of Art Design & Communications

Digital Media Academy at Emerald Campus

  • Prepare for careers in television broadcasting, production, camera, and technical services, film, editing, digital media design, and audio/video engineering.
  • Students at Dublin City Schools can enroll in this career-technical satellite housed at Emerald Campus.
  • Students produce daily and weekly shows that are broadcast in-house, take part in film festivals and other competitions and have the opportunity to develop real-world skills from industry experts from throughout Central Ohio. Students will take part in producing sports shows, commercials, short films, magazine shows, public access shows, and will work using state-of-the-art equipment.

 Core Courses: Quick Facts:

  • Broadcast Video I
  • Broadcast Video II
  • College Credits Available


Digital Graphics and Social Media Academy at Emerald Campus

  • Prepare for careers in Communication, social media coordinator, digital content designer, social media marketing specialist, digital content creator, social media producer, graphic designer, media manager, graphics & animation editor.
  • Learn various skills in social media, marketing photography, photo editing, video production, graphic design, animation, online marketing.
  • Learn the history of social media with an exploration of how social media has changed communication, how it affects the future and how to use it as an advantage.

Core Courses:
Quick Facts:
  • Digital Video Production 1
  • Digital Video Production 2
  • Intro to Social Media
  • Intro to Computer Design
  • Principles of Interactive Design
  • College Credits Available

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