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Automation & Fabrication Training

Manufacturing is the largest of the 20 sectors of Ohio’s economy with Ohio being the third most productive manufacturing state in the nation. Manufacturing today is more diverse, exciting, and alive than ever before and jobs are requiring advanced technical skills. With industry training, degrees, and apprenticeships available for less, Automation & Fabrication Training offers flexibility and hands-on experiences that are atypical at most four-year schools. Ohio manufacturers provide approximately 700,000 skilled jobs with an average salary of $63,000. 
Automation & Fabrication Training provides the opportunity for career development and increased wages.

Skills Overview

Prints, schematics, GD&T
Maintenance principles
Fittings and connections
Workforce safety
Electrical maintenance
Motor control
Hydraulics and pneumatics
Industrial Math

Program Contact: 
Troy Shampel,
614-873-4666 ext. 4320 

For more information: 
Call or Email,
614-873-4666, ext. 4248
[email protected]
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