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Note course content, schedule, and pricing are subject to change. Please contact Tolles adult education for possible updates.

Parker Hydraulics & Pneumatics Training:

This training is meant for the maintenance technician who needs hands-on exposure to hydraulic and pneumatic systems found in the modern manufacturing facility. Hands-on labs are meant to expose the students to various problems and design considerations in hydraulic systems. The training will cover industrial safety, hydraulic system basics, basics of fluid power, hydraulic prints and schematics, hydraulic accumulators, basic pneumatic principles and systems, and much more.

40 hrs Students completing the course will receive official certification.

Allen Bradley Basic PLCs: This course introduces the concepts of Programmable Logic Controllers and Programmable Automation Controllers via a combination of wiring, programming, and troubleshooting exercises. The topics will expose the student to the various ways inputs and outputs are handled within the controller, how to navigate the logic, and how to locate each of these components within a project. When finished with this course, the student will gain the knowledge to connect to an existing controller, navigate the logic, and troubleshoot both digital and analog I/O.

32 hrs Students completing the course will receive official certification.

FANUC Handling Tool Operations & Programming Training:

Students will learn the skills industry demands from FANUC certified instructors using a FANUC-approved curriculum and equipment. Trainees will learn basic operations, programming, and troubleshooting. Students completing this course will be able to power-up and jog the robot, teach frames, recover from robot faults, as well as execute, create and modify programs. The course consists of lectures and hands-on lab time.

40 hrs.  Students completing the course and passing the final exam will receive official 

FANUC CERT Handling Tool Operations and Programming Certification. 

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics Training: Trainees will learn basic operations, programming, and troubleshooting. Students completing this course will be able to power-up and jog the robot, teach frames, recover from robot faults, as well as execute, create and modify programs. The course consists of lectures and hands-on lab time.

40 hrs. Students completing the course will and passing the final exam receive official Yaskawa Basic Programming with Material Handling certification.

Workforce Safety: The objective of this course is for trainees to be able to identify safety issues in the workplace. Topics covered: blood-borne pathogens, electrical safety, fire protection, fall protection, space hazards, hazard communication, hazardous materials, material handling, machine guarding, work zones, tag in / tag-out procedures, and more.

16 hours

Industrial Math: This course is a refresher course for math used in everyday industrial maintenance.  Topics covered: unit conversions, fractions to decimals, fractions, averages, percentages, and the use of standard industrial equations.

16 hours

Print Reading, GD&T, and Schematics: Trainees will learn how to navigate, comprehend, and interpret a variety of engineering drawings including reading prints to identify the height, width, and length dimensions to understand drawing details. Standard symbols and abbreviations on prints, schematics, and wiring diagrams, as well as how to read ladder diagrams will all be covered. Dimensional and geometric tolerances on production prints for inspection and assuring proper part functionality will also be included.

32 hours

Industrial Maintenance Principles: This course introduces basic tool applications, standard fasteners, shafts, bearings, couplings, gears, drives, seals, motors, brakes, clutches, cams, machine disassembly/reassemblyand more.

32 hours

Welding Level1:

Welding Level 1: Learn the basic techniques of shielded metal arc welding (stick), MIG & TIG, as well as burning and cutting techniques from an AWS certified welder. This class is mostly a hands-on experience. 

Students must supply their welding helmet, gloves, leather boots, safety glasses, chipper hammer, 10” vice grips, and a stainless steel wire brush

*Exam offered through Hobart.

32 hours

Fittings and Connections: This hands-on course introduces basic plumbing and air connections. When to use specific connections and how to make them will also be presented.

32 hours

Manual Machining: This course introduces the basic principles of manual machining. This course will include: general machine safety, machining terminology, and the basics of manual turning, grinding, drilling and milling.

32 hours

Electrical Component Maintenance: 

This course introduces essential electrical components found in controls and low voltage machines. Proper techniques for making electrical connections, including practicing proper soldering techniques will be presented.

24 hours

Industrial Electric:

Topics covered in this course include electrical safety, electrical equipment & devices, operation/connections, earthing, circuits, faults, fuses, overloads, motor control, testing, electrical isolation, and more.

40 hours

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