Can I lose my spot once accepted?

Yes. Final acceptance is dependent upon your successful completion of the current school year. When you receive your acceptance letter, you will need to finish the current school year strong so when final transcripts are received in June, your acceptance can be maintained.

Why can I only apply for one program choice?

We promote Primary Choice because we think Tolles should be treated as a serious decision and should be about best possible placement. Tolles’ programs promote bankable skills with core academics. We want students who have thought about their futures and are focused on a goal, and that is why we think you should focus on one program. In the event you change your mind or don’t get into a program, you can re-apply for another choice.

What is Open House & Launch Night and why should I attend it?

Open House & launch Night is an opportunity for students and their families to come and explore our labs, meet our staff. and apply while they are on campus. We encourage students and parents/guardians to attend so we can assist you in person with the process. Everyone will be given the same opportunity to apply online or at our Open House & Launch Night. 

What do I do after I receive my acceptance letter?

Continue to work hard and finish your year strong! Remember, you must successfully complete this school year to meet our criteria mentioned earlier. If you are applying to an oversubscribed program, your GPA and attendance become increasingly important. After you get your letter you are part of the Tolles family, but everything remains contingent on your final transcript we receive in June.

Can I apply for another program if I am denied from my Primary choice?

Yes. If you do not get into a program because it is oversubscribed and you do not wish to remain in the waiting pool, you can let admissions know you would like to be considered for another program. If you do not meet the criteria established to become a Tolles student (i.e. credit deficient), you can work with your school to come up with a plan to earn those credits over the summer. There are multiple options, so feel free to communicate with us and we are happy to help.

What if I have additional questions or a technical glitch?

We’re here to help. You can contact our admissions office and speak with Cindy Alderman, Recruiting and Admissions Specialist at [email protected] or Call 614-873-4666, ext. 4295 for assistance.

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