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The Business of Health

Tolles’ Health Sciences pathway is consistently one of our most popular because students consistently are some of the best prepared to launch into their next phase of training in the Central Ohio region. Students in this popular pathway prepare for careers in veterinary science, pharmacy, nursing, athletic training, or many other health fields.
Programs: Pharmacy Technician - Pre-Nursing - Pre-Veterinary Technician - Exercise Science - Health Professions Academy 

Pharmacy Technician

If you’re looking for a rewarding career helping others and are interested in science and math – this program is for you. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians develop one-on-one connections with their patients and work closely with other healthcare professionals. At Tolles, you’ll receive real-world pharmacy experience with advanced industry
technology, providing you with a solid foundation for any healthcare career. You’ll:

  • Earn a National Pharmacy Technician Certification
  • Learn medical terminology and communication skills applicable to healthcare careers
  • Learn how to use standard pharmacy software and technology
  • Receive all required training and skills needed to work as a pharmacy technician
  • Gain pharmacy management and customer relation skills that will aid any healthcare profession
What can you do with the Pharmacy Technician program from Tolles?
Students learn from a unique combination of real-world pharmacy, computer lab and lecture space. Tolles will help you prepare for a career as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, or create a foundation for any healthcare career, including medical school, nursing school or more.

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The Pharmacy Technician program has been a
stepping stone for many Tolles graduates pursuing higher education in pharmacy, nursing, medical and more. Your certification makes you eligible for opportunities to continue your education at some of
the top pharmacy programs in the area.
Tolles graduates are prepared to begin careers as pharmacy technicians directly following high school. Your National Pharmacy Technician Certification will set you up for full-time employment immediately following graduation.

Core Courses:Quick Facts: 
  • Health Sciences Core
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • College Credits & Industry Credentials Available

To learn more about the software used in the Pharmacy Lab, visit https://www.pioneerrx.com/, and see what real pharmacists across the nation are saying about PioneerRx at  http://www.pharmacysoftwarereviews.com/. 
Learn more about the Pharmacy lab
Click and drag video for a 360-degree view


Nursing careers are in demand and the healthcare industry has endless opportunities for growth and service. At Tolles, you’ll explore all the medical field has to offer with hands-on, real-world learning opportunities working in top-notch labs, internships and various healthcare facilities in your community. You’ll learn:

  • National Healthcare Standards
  • Nursing skills and medical terminology
  • Anatomy, physiology and medical math
  • Technical, communication and leadership skills within real medical settings
  • First Aid and CPR

What can you do with Pre-Nursing education from Tolles?
With great job placement and continued education opportunities, Tolles gives you the foundation you need to prepare for careers as a nurse, nurse aide or any healthcare position with additional training.

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You have the opportunity to earn industry certifications and college credits while completing your high school education. Students graduate with a medical
foundation that set them apart in higher education
Graduates from Tolles can earn their State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) and Patient Care Assistant (PCA) credentials for free. These certifications will make you eligible for competitive employment directly following graduation.

Core Courses:
  • Pre-Nursing I
  • Pre-Nursing II

Pre-Veterinary Technician

Students who have a passion for animals and an interest in animal health are perfect for this program. At Tolles, you’ll get real-world experience working with live animals and experts both on and off campus. This program will prepare you for a career in animal health while simultaneously preparing you for careers in many different healthcare fields. You’ll learn:

  • How to manage and care for patients, furry or human
  • Essential skills necessary for careers in pet and human health fields
  • How to conduct lab tests in hematology, urinalysis, microbiology and parasitology
  • Pet and human first aid and CPR emergency procedure certifications
  • Universal skills related to preventative care and how to perform general parameters

What can you do with Pre-Veterinary Technician education from Tolles?
With great job placement and continued education opportunities, Tolles gives you the foundation you need to prepare for careers as a veterinarian, veterinary technician or assistant and in laboratory diagnostics.

Continue your education
Start earning money now
Graduates of Tolles often leave with college credits and the skills they need to excel at a college or university. Build on your foundation – become a healthcare expert in the field of your choosing.
Your certifications and experience are stepping stones to landing the job you want. Tolles will help you develop the
skills you need to start working right away!

Core Courses:
  • Pre-Vet & Medical Lab Technology I
  • Pre-Vet & Medical Lab Technology II
Learn more about the Pre Vet lab
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Exercise Science

Health and fitness is a booming business, and that is making the exercise science field more important than ever. If you are active and love to invest your time in other people, an Exercise Science education at Tolles will help prepare you for a career in a wide variety of fields ranging from physical therapy to athletic training to group fitness and everything in between. You’ll learn:

  • How the human body works and how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • How to correctly use exercise equipment
  • How to facilitate exercise and athletic training
  • How to design a physical fitness program
  • How to evaluate and assess areas involving exercise science, sports medicine and fitness
  • CPR and first aid emergency procedures

What can you do with an Exercise Science education from Tolles?
With great job placement and continued education opportunities, Tolles’ Exercise Science program creates a pathway into the growing exercise science industry with skills based on National Healthcare Standards.

Continue your education

Start earning money now
Get a head start on your college education with Tolles. Graduates from our program have the opportunity to walk away with up to 14 college credits toward an exercise science education.

Tolles can provide you with a foundation you need to pursue a career as a personal training and fitness instructor, athletic trainer, physical therapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, coach or exercise specialist. Your certification will help you land positions in these fields.
Core Courses
  • Health Science Core
  • Physical Therapy/Exercise Science

Health Professions Academy at the McVey Innovative Learning Center

  • Prepare for careers such as physician assistant, therapy, nurse, dental hygienist, dietician, paramedic, surgical technician, and more. 
  • Students enrolled in Hilliard City Schools who can commit two years to the program can attend this career-technical satellite located at the McVey Innovative Learning Center, part of the Innovation Generation Straight A Grant.
  • Students actively participate in both HOSA-Future Health Professionals.
Program Fuel:
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 29% job growth for medical assistants, 27% growth for phlebotomists, and 39% growth for EKG technicians through 2020.
  • Graduates of this program can attend Columbus State, The Ohio State University, Mt. Carmel School of Nursing, and can gain employment at hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.
Core CoursesQuick Facts:
  • Medical Terminology
  • CPR First Aid
  • Vital Signs
  • Pharmacology
  • Program is housed at Hilliard City Schools’ McVey Innovative Learning Center
  • Part of the Innovation Generation Straight A Grant
  • College Credits Available

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