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Keeping Citizens Safe

Students studying programs in this area at Tolles focus on training in the public safety, protective services and homeland security arenas.
Programs: Criminal Justice - Firefighting & EMS

Criminal Justice

Are you ready for a challenge? At Tolles, you’ll get hands-on, real-world experience working in the community and learning from law enforcement, military and public safety experts. Explore a wide range of opportunities in criminal investigations, forensics, emergency response and security. Learn how you can turn your passion into an exciting career. You’ll learn:

  • Skills relevant to police work, forensics and security
  • How to operate equipment and technology in law enforcement and public safety fields
  • Skills for emergency response
  • Self-defense tactics and necessary fitness training
  • Technical, communication and management skills within a real community setting

What can you do with Criminal Justice education from Tolles? 
With great job placement and continued education opportunities, Tolles gives you the foundation you need for careers in law enforcement, the military or public safety. 99% of graduates either continue their education or immediately start working following graduation. 

Continue your education

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Graduates from the criminal justice program have the opportunity to earn college credits to help them continue their law enforcement training.

You can start careers in anything from forensics to criminal investigations to local law enforcement. Your education will help you land a job you are passionate about.

Core Courses
  • American Criminal Justice System
  • Police Work & Practice
  • Investigations & Forensics
  • Homeland Security: Protecting America
Learn more about the Criminal Justice lab.
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Firefighting & EMS

If you have dreamed of being a firefighter since you were a little kid, this program will give you the foundation you need to pursue that dream. During this rigorous, competitive, and rewarding program, you will get hands-on experience training with highly qualified industry professionals in simulated and live burn scenarios. Learn how you can turn your passion into an exciting career. You will learn:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training
  • Fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medicine
  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • General operation of required tools and equipment

What can you do with Firefighting & EMS education from Tolles?  
Fire service career opportunities are very competitive. Tolles will enable students to effectively compete for those jobs. Our program gives students the foundation needed to prepare for careers as a firefighter, emergency medical technician, paramedic, emergency dispatcher, or other public safety fields.

Continue your education

Start earning money now
While completing your high school education, you will have the opportunity to earn certifications and college credits that prepare you for continued education.

You can earn industry certifications that will make you eligible for competitive jobs directly following graduation. Throughout the intensive program, students will prepare for opportunities to meet requirements for State of Ohio Fire and EMT Certifications.

Core Courses
  • Foundations of Firefighting & EMS
  • Firefighter I
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Firefighter II
Learn more about the Firefighting & EMS lab
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