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Real-world experiences and customer service are an important part of the educational process at Tolles. It provides our students the opportunity to problem solve and practice the skills they are learning in their labs by focusing on real customers and real projects.

Our retail services are open for business to customers during the school year (closed during the summer), and provide cost-effective products and services that give our students practical experience.

The Salon at Tolles

The Cosmetology program runs a full-service salon and spa offering a slate of services throughout the school year from styling and manicures to facials and pedicures.
Contact: [email protected] or 614-873-4666, ext. 1103

Days & Hours: W, TH, FRI from Noon-2:30 p.m.

Saffron Restaurant

The Culinary Arts program operates a full-service restaurant with a menu that is sure to please. Saffron is open to the public and offers a varying menu throughout the school year. They also cater in-house and community events.

Contact: [email protected] or 614-873-4666, ext. 1101

Saffron Website

Pet Grooming Services

The Animal Management & Services program provides grooming services to pets by appointment only throughout the school year. Customers must provide proof of current rabies vaccination before any work can be done.

Contact: [email protected] or 614-873-4666, ext. 1217

Preschool at Tolles

The Early Childhood Education program operates a licensed preschool for children (ages 3-4 and infants/toddlers). Enrollment is open with an application process for wait list.

Contact: [email protected] or 614-873-4666, ext. 1102

Preschool Webpage

Lift42 School Store

The Marketing Department along with student ambassadors operates a school store at Tolles that sells a variety of apparel and promotional items, t-shirts, sweatshirts, as well as various supplies.

Contact: [email protected] with questions.

Screen Printing Services at The DBA

The Dublin Business Academy Satellite at Jerome High School operates a highly successful screen printing business that creates t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more for an array of clients. This business operates year-round.

Contact: [email protected] or 614-718-8255

Automotive Services

Tolles has three transportation systems programs and each can provide specific automotive services by appointment and based on time available during the school year. Auto Collision Repair can provide detailing and auto body repair. Auto Tech can conduct oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more. Power Sports & Auto Services can work with small power equipment, motorcycles or recreational vehicles.

Contact: [email protected] or 614-873-4666, ext. 4208

Additional Customer Services

These customer services are available at limited times throughout the school year:

Welding or fabrication
Construction or carpentry services
Landscaping & greenhouse services

Contact: [email protected] or 614-873-4666, ext. 4208

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