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Tolles equips all students on campus with a Google account and an iPad to provide students with the technology needed to thrive in a global economy. Digital tools have revolutionized the world and broadened the horizons of individualized education lifting all students. The iPad will personalize learning, allow students to create content and share with a global audience, and further advance their preparation for college and career.
All students receive an iPad device, charging block and cord, protective case. All items are distributed on the first days of school and are expected to be returned during the collection process, which occurs during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May.

PLEASE NOTE: All half-day and full-day Hilliard students attending Tolles will receive their devices from Tolles, not Hilliard. This is an agreement between Tolles and Hilliard City Schools.

For more information on the instruction technology used at Tolles contact:
Carly Crain, Technology Integration Specialist
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ProgressBook Resources

ProgressBook is the hub for students and parents to find information about student progress, assignment details, attendance, and more. This resource offers 24/7 access to student data allowing parents to conveniently support their students and ensure their career-technical education is a success.  To sign up or log in click here. Check out the tutorials below to help you get started.

ParentAccess OverviewCreate ParentAccess AccountParentAccess App

For more information, check out the ProgressBook users guide.

iPad Resources for Students and Parents

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