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Tune In

Tolles offers multiple communication channels so you can tune in based on your preferences. Below you will find the various ways we keep our communities and audiences informed. Connect and share the stories of our students and our district!


Press ReleasesTolles on TwitterMonthly Lunch MenusCounseling Services

Read our most recent news releases about student and staff success.

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For real-time updated information, photos, videos, and more follow the official Tolles Twitter account.

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Never say “what’s for lunch?” ever, ever again! Monthly menus updated here.


Stay updated on scholarships, college visits, and more by visiting the Counseling Services page, updated frequently.

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Delays & ClosingsHigh School AdmissionTolles on InstagramCalendar

Find out where to go to learn of delay and closing information and the process we follow for making that decision.

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Full information on 2020-21 admissions events, guidelines, and applications.

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Prefer visuals over text? Our Instagram highlights our students through unique photos many times only shared here.

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Keep updated on when important events are happening at Tolles.

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Tolles on YouTubeTolles on Facebook  

Watch exclusive videos on our YouTube channel featuring students, staff, and alumni.

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Is Facebook your social media hangout of choice? Tolles maintains a Facebook page that posts lots of photos and info on upcoming events.

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