iPad 1:1 FAQs

How much will this cost our family?

Tolles will distribute iPads at the start of each school year. Students will be issued an iPad only when they 1) have paid the $30 annual protection plan charge and 2) have completed the required online registration forms that include the Acceptable Usage of Technology Agreement (AUA). This is done online at the beginning of each school year. Devices will be collected in May of each school year. The Technology Department will collect the iPad, case, charger and cord. Families may be responsible for any missing items, which will be added to the students’ fee sheets. With the protection plan, students will receive repair services for a maximum of three (3) incidents. After the third incident, a $75 deductible will be charged for every incident following.

How and when will devices be distributed?

Tolles will distribute the devices to students during the first days of school. Students will not be issued a device if they have not paid for the annual protection plan or completed registration. Students have access to loaner devices through the library that they can check in-and-out daily as they are available.

All Hilliard City Schools students, whether half-day or full-day, will receive their iPad device from Tolles. Hilliard and Tolles have formed a partnership that allows Tolles-enrolled students to receive an iPad device from us, but also receive support from the help desks at their respective high schools, if needed.

Will students take their devices home with them?

Yes, students will have the responsibility of keeping the device during the school year and using it for research and assignments. They are responsible for taking care of the device and keeping the device charged. Students should charge the device at home and keep their charging equipment at home to avoid losing it and having to replace it. The biggest cost to students last year was the replacement of chargers that were damaged or lost. Students can replace the charger at any time on their own during the course of the school year if it breaks or is lost/stolen; however, it must be an iPad charger from Apple, not an off-brand charger. Chargers will be for sale in Lift 42, the school store, or they can be found at Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart.

Can students earn the iPad for free upon completion of their program?

Yes! Tolles is part of the Madison County Workforce Readiness Credential program. This credential gives students the opportunity to earn a credential for employability skills. If a student earns the credential, he or she will earn their iPad free of charge upon successful completion of their career-technical program.

Learn more about the Workforce Readiness Credential.

Will the school provide a case and/or accessories for the device?

Yes, a basic protective case will be provided at no cost. Beyond what is provided in the iPad box, however, there are no accessories provided. Students are not permitted to place stickers or any other items on the case or iPad. The iPad will come with a tag. This cannot be removed.

What is my family’s responsibility for loss or breakage in school, out of school, or both?

Lost or stolen devices ON-CAMPUS will be reported to our insurance if they occur on the Tolles campus only. A police report must be filed as well as an incident report. It is important that these scenarios are reported immediately. The family may be responsible for the full replacement cost. Should an iPad be stolen or lost off-campus, the student or parent/guardian should immediately notify the proper authorities (local police) and file a police report. Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance plans may cover stolen or lost devices and the student/family will be responsible for filing such claims with their respective insurance provider for any lost or stolen iPad scenarios that occur off school grounds.  If the iPad is lost or stolen off-campus, the family may be responsible for the full replacement cost, which is at the discretion of the insurance provider. Insurance providers will need the following information at the time of the claim filing: police report case number, the name of the investigating officer, as well as their badge number.

A copy of the police report must be given to the Technology Department and an incident report must also be filed with the Technology Department. In the event of a lost or stolen iPad, and once a police report is filed, Tolles, in conjunction with police, may deploy location software which may aid the police in recovering the iPad.

How and where should devices be stored/cared for at home?

It is recommended the device be kept in its protective case at all times and that the device is charged once it approaches no less than 20% battery life. The device should not be left in cars. Extreme temperatures can do damage to the device, and if the device is left in a car, it could be stolen. Keep in mind, our protection plan will not cover stolen devices if the incident takes place off-campus. Your homeowner’s insurance typically will cover such an incident. No insurance provider will cover stolen devices where there is no evidence that it was stolen. This means leaving it in an unlocked car!

Is there a policy about acceptable and proper use of the technology?

Yes. The district’s Acceptable Usage Agreement (AUA) is required to be read and signed by every student and staff member. It guides technology usage and Internet activities within the district. The AUA is in the Student Handbook, which is distributed starting in August during online registration. Every student must sign off on this AUA and the Student Handbook to be enrolled at Tolles.

What are the school’s disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?

Disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use of technology are outlined in the AUA and in the Student Handbook. Discipline is handled the same for the iPads as it would be for anything else. If something is inappropriate, out of line, illegal, or impacts student safety and well-being, it will be dealt with. Students should be aware that the device is the property of Tolles, so no inappropriate content, social media activity or Internet surfing should happen on it. Appropriate usage is expected on the device on-and-off campus.

How will schoolwork be affected if my child loses the privilege to use the device?

In the event that a student’s device is taken away they will still have access to complete work while at school and the teacher will be notified that the student does not have access at home.

Will the iPad need to be connected to the Internet to complete assignments?

Tolles realizes that not all families have Internet access in their homes and teachers should not expect that students can complete an online assignment overnight. However, Tolles is a Google For Education school district, and Google Drive and other Google apps will allow students to access ALL their files off-line so they can complete assignments. We also recommend utilizing local libraries or other businesses that provide free wi-fi.

Does the school use a content filter for Internet browsing?

We do filter content for students while they are at Tolles. As juniors and seniors in high school, we attempt to give our students freedom to utilize the Internet and learn responsible web surfing. However, our systems allow us to monitor what sites are being visited in case there is anything inappropriate or illegal happening.

Can personalize the device and purchase or install apps ourselves on the device?

Yes. Students can treat the device as their own while they have it, as long as it is within the AUA guidelines and student handbook expectations. Again, no stickers or markings can be put on the iPad device or protective case.

Students can purchase and install apps, including free apps, as long as they are within the AUA and student handbook expectations.

Can we use an existing AppleID or do we need to create a new one?

Students may add their Apple ID to  the device to install Apps and update content however it is not mandatory. It is up to the family to decide whether to add this device to a current Apple ID or to create a new one. If you add this device to a current Apple ID that has a credit/debit card connected to it, the student would be able to make purchases of paid items on the App Store using the Apple ID and associated card information.

You can create an Apple ID without a credit card connected to it.  Learn more.

How can I support the school with this 1-to-1 program?

From cyberbullying and photo sharing to digital footprints and online safety, there are a number of great resources for you at CommonSense.Org

Will students have email or other accounts?

Tolles is a Google For Education school district, so students will have Google Accounts that give them access to email, Google Drive and many other Google apps. These apps allow the teacher and the students to communicate and turn in assignments digitally.

What apps will be preloaded on the iPads?

Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Chrome, Google Classroom, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes U, and iMovie
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