Article: Tolles fuels prestigious employment opportunity for Power Sports Diesel student

Tolles fuels prestigious employment opportunity for Power Sports Diesel student

Mitchell Davis has always been motivated to learn how things work. At Tolles Career & Technical Center, he learned how to channel that interest into a skillset that has fueled many promising opportunities for the May 2014 graduate.

A student from Hilliard Davidson, Davis came to Tolles for the Power Sports Diesel program. “I enjoy mechanics in general,” he said. “I figured it would be fun to do, and I’ve definitely enjoyed it. It has opened many doors for me.”

One of those doors is the notable position of assistant mechanic at the Muirfield Village Golf Course, where Davis is responsible for daily and preventative maintenance. During the school year, Davis attended Hilliard Davidson in the mornings and worked in the afternoons, learning first-hand how classroom mechanics apply in the field. The day might start off with sharpening mower blades and end with fixing tractors on the fly. Everything he does directly contributes to keeping the greens looking sharp—including for prestigious events like the Memorial Tournament, hosted by golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

“What I like most about the job is the variety; there is something new every day,” he said. “I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if I hadn’t come here. Basically, you’re getting paid for getting credits.”

The position was extended to him following graduation, allowing Davis to continue working in a field that interests him while saving for college. This fall, he plans on attending Ohio University to study nursing. It’s a fitting profession for someone who likes to figure out how things work, and he still intends to continue applying his mechanical knowledge as a hobby.

“I want to spend my free time working on motorcycles as my own thing,” he said.

And therein lies the lift behind a Tolles education. An area of study can lead to someplace completely new, but students develop universally applicable skills through the unparalleled experiences they have here.

For Davis, those experiences included earning high placements in SkillsUSA and interview competitions. And, as a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee, Davis had a chance to hone his skills at leadership and collaboration.

“There are several things that we did that I wouldn’t have been able to do at Davidson,” he said. “I’ve increased my skills both in and outside of the classroom.”

Davis had this to say for prospective students: “Pick something you are interested in, because you will have such a great experience and enjoy your time here. Always be looking to do something better, to improve yourself. Try new things. It opens a lot of new doors. But don’t think that the lab that you are going into is a career you have to go into.”

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